Spirituality + Purpose = A Recipe to Success

Spirituality seems out of place in a business. But unknown to many, it may be the key to success ‐ both in your personal and business life. Neal Samudre, Author of 6 Reasons Spiritual Leaders Are More Successful in Life stated a mistake we make in discussing leadership is that we pin the spiritual leader as only leading a church or family in spiritual matters. While it’s true that a spiritual leader might do this, a spiritual leader is also one who leads a business. When your beliefs are integrated into your daily routine, you begin to lead a wholesome life ‐ one that does not drift from day to day but instead lives with a purpose.

Spirituality refers to your connection to a bigger awareness. It is the belief that there is a deeper meaning to life than accomplishing the trivial tasks that occupy our waking moments. When you live a purpose‐driven life, it is easier to maintain control and direction. All of your decisions will be influenced by your morals, values, and aspirations ‐ all of which are shaped by your spirituality. If you integrate that into your business, you become aware of things beyond what is obvious. That gives you vision, empathy and a sense of social responsibility. Once that is manifested into your life, it will lead to the positive encouragement of the people who are working with you and increase employee engagement in a productive and wholesome manner. Here are the steps that you can take to ensure that your spirituality and purpose will lead you to success. 

Recognize your purpose and gifts in life

Most people do not take heed to their gifts in life. Your gifts in life are special and unique. They shape who we are and what we can do for the world. Don’t let your gifts go to waste! Take time to reflect on your abilities, your passions, and your experiences. Ask yourself: What comes easily to me? What do I love doing? These answers will help you identify your gifts and give you the confidence to use them in your life. Your gifts are your power to make a positive difference and your responsibility to share with the world. Embrace your unique gifts and use them to their fullest potential! When you do, it will bring you immense joy and satisfaction knowing that your talents can be used for good.

Reach out to a higher calling to seek direction and answers

The best way to identify your purpose is to connect to a higher calling that will direct you to the answers that you are seeking. A higher calling involves a supreme being or power that is beyond you and those in your environment. Since spirituality is all about the bigger awareness, you need to connect to a higher power to help you find the answers that will clarify your purpose in life. 

When you take the time to connect to a higher calling, it can open up a world of possibilities. You may find yourself being guided to answers that previously seemed out of reach or discover solutions that you hadn’t considered before. The higher power can provide clarity and direction so that you can uncover your purpose in life and make progress toward achieving it. By tapping into the higher calling, you’ll be able to unlock endless potential and find fulfillment in what you do.

The higher power can also offer encouragement when times are tough and remind you of your goals and why they’re important. It can provide comfort when things don’t go as planned, reassuring that everything will work out in the end. Connecting to a higher calling can help you stay connected to your higher purpose and make it easier for you to stay focused on your goals even when faced with obstacles.

It’s important to remember that finding your higher purpose isn’t just about achieving success or external validation, but rather having an inner peace and understanding that comes from connecting to something higher and more meaningful than yourself. So, take the time to explore your higher calling and discover what it can reveal about your purpose in life. The answers you find may just surprise you!

Meditate on the specifics

Now that you have identified your purpose and “higher calling”, it is time to meditate on the specifics. Take some time to sit in stillness and allow yourself to truly envision how this purpose can be manifested through your actions. Ask yourself: what are the tangible steps I can take towards success? How will I make my purpose known in my work, decisions, investments and other areas of life? Let the answers come to you naturally. When meditating on the specifics, be mindful to include both short-term and long-term goals, as well as small actionable steps that will help you stay motivated along your journey. Through meditation, you can gain clarity on what needs to be done in order to fulfill your purpose and reach success. Give yourself permission to dream big and work towards making those dreams a reality! With meditative focus, you can create a clear plan of action that will lead you closer to achieving your goals. What are you waiting for? Start meditating on the specifics today and see where it takes you!

Implement the specifics through a plan

Having a spiritual goal and purpose in life is an amazing accomplishment. But to make it more meaningful, implementing a plan to put your spiritual ideas into action is essential. With careful and strategic planning, you can identify specific tasks that will help you put your life’s purpose into practice. Think about the ways to use your spiritual gifts for maximum success in all aspects of your life. Start by taking small steps and gradually build upon them, so you can be sure that you are on track to achieving your goals. With determination and perseverance, you will be able to reach new levels of success as your spiritual journey progresses. Believe in the power the universe has prepared for you, and with faith and courage, you will be able to see your goals come to fruition. Take control of your life, and start implementing a plan that will lead you towards a more meaningful existence.

The author of this article is Alan D. Benson, President of Benson Group, LLC. To learn more about Alan, please visit www.alandbenson.com. To learn more about Benson Group, LLC, please visit bensongroupllc.com.