Spirituality + Purpose = A Recipe to Success

Spirituality seems out of place in a business. But unknown to many, it may be the key to success ‐ both in your personal and business life. Neal Samudre, Author of 6 Reasons Spiritual Leaders Are More Successful in Life stated a mistake we make in discussing leadership is that we pin the spiritual leader as only leading a church or family in spiritual matters. While it’s true that a spiritual leader might do this, a spiritual leader is also one who leads a business. When your beliefs are integrated into your daily routine, you begin to lead a wholesome life ‐ one that does not drift from day to day but instead lives with a purpose.

Spirituality refers to your connection to a bigger awareness. It is the belief that there is a deeper meaning to life than accomplishing the trivial tasks that occupy our waking moments. When you live a purpose‐driven life, it is easier to maintain control and direction. All of your decisions will be influenced by your morals, values, and aspirations ‐ all of which are shaped by your spirituality. If you integrate that into your business, you become aware of things beyond what is obvious. That gives you vision, empathy and a sense of social responsibility. Once that is manifested into your life, it will lead to the positive encouragement of the people who are working with you ‐ increasing employee engagement in a productive and wholesome manner. Here are the steps that you can take to ensure that your spirituality and purpose will lead you to success. 

Recognize your purpose and gifts in life

Most people do not pay heed to their purpose in life. It is not as difficult to recognize as you think. Concentrate on your gifts or what you are good at. Your gift is something that is unique to you because it is shaped by your abilities and experience in life. This is something that you can use to accomplish your purpose in life. 

Reach out to a higher calling to seek direction and answers

The best way to identify your purpose is to connect to a higher calling that will direct you to the answers that you are seeking. A higher calling involves a supreme being or power that is beyond you and those in your environment. Since spirituality is all about the bigger awareness, you need to connect to a higher power to help you find the answers that will clarify your purpose in life. 

Meditate on the specifics

Once you have identified your purpose according to your “higher calling,” you should now meditate on the specifics. You need to think about how this will be translated into actions. How can you satisfy your purpose and let it be manifested in everything that you do ‐ in your work, decisions, investments, and the various areas in your life? Meditation can help you define these specifics so you can finalize your plans towards success. 

Implement the specifics through a plan

As you complete the connection between spirituality and your purpose in life, careful and strategic planning will allow you to translate it into actual activities in your life. Come up with specific tasks and ideas that will help you put your life’s purpose into practice.

As you define your spirituality and combine it with your purpose in life, it will help you use your spiritual gifts to make all your endeavors successful. In Christianity, a spiritual gift is something natural or miraculous that is given by the Holy Spirit. These new found knowledge about yourself will make you feel empowered and soon, it will resonate with your every thought process and movement ‐ leading you to a successful and fulfilling life.

The author of this article is Alan D. Benson, President of Benson Group, LLC.