Workforce Training

Business owners, especially start-ups, have a great deal of managing within the company. With managing many functions of the company, business owners might only focus on processes that lead to a direct ROI, as they might find it to be an expensive addition to enroll their employees in workforce training programs. However, the cost of having a lack of knowledge of work skills might lead to financial losses. In fact, it could turn out to be an extremely expensive one, even in the short run.

At Benson Group, LLC, we offer customized training solutions where you can gauge, track, and recognize a return on your investment (ROI).

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Project Management

In order for a company to strive, it must have a vision, leadership, and resources. It should incorporate the 5 Ps: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance in every step of its operation. 

At Benson Group, LLC, we empower businesses by developing the right business and organizational strategies. We do so by developing well-defined project management steps that provide direction, focus, and vision. If you are at a crossroads, a start-up, or an expanding business, Benson Group, LLC, will guide your business to improve your operations and efficiency.

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Professional Recruitment

Having the right talent in the right position, it can propel a company to greater heights; whereas, having the wrong talent, it can create chaos, slower production, low morale, and declining profits.

At Benson Group, LLC, we know by having the right employee, a company can soar; that is why customize a professional search geared only for your company. We take a deliberate approach in acquiring the right talent that aligns with your organizational goals. We accomplish this by implementing our eight-step process in acquiring the highest level of talent. And if we don't find the right talent, our search will continue at no additional cost to you.

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Supplier Diversity Management

Are you working on projects and exploring ways to strengthen your operations through new partnerships? Do you have the infrastructure in place to develop, monitor, and evaluate those partnerships? Are you working on any projects that require diversity and inclusion standards?

At Benson Group, LLC, we partner with companies to achieve their supplier diversity goals by setting up, promoting, monitoring, and evaluating their projects. We ensure that your projects are carried out and in compliance.  Our goal is to make sure that all projects are completed with the highest level of accuracy. 

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Human Resources Management

Human Resources (HR) is one of the main lifelines to companies because, not only do they have to have the right talent, they have to policies, processes, and procedures for its workforce to function. Without HR, a company will operate like how a sailboat will function will no sail, no course. Our Human Resources Services position companies to be compliant, functional, and sustaining.

At Benson Group, LLC, we partner with you and create a company-specific strategy that maximizes your employment policies, procedures, and processes. Successful companies realize that having Human-Resources functions in place affects retention, growth, and the bottom line.

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Government Policy and Compliance Monitoring

Do you know what government policies and regulations help propel your company to greater heights, or have an adverse effect on your company? Are you seeking to align your company with local, state, and federal entities?

At Benson Group, LLC, we believe the business = politics, meaning, policies that are legislated affects businesses in both positive and adverse ways. That is why we partner and empower you to define your organizational interest and to give you a voice for your company. 

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Since 1993

In today’s global market it is imperative for a company to stay ahead of the competition by being innovative and proactive. Its products and services must be readily available to customers. Its readiness is only determined by its capacity to deliver the right goods and services in an effective timely manner. This readiness can only be accomplished by having the systems in place and the right people on your team. At Benson Group, LLC, we equip companies to be competitive and ready. Benson Group, LLC, is a Human Resources company that offers business solutions and strategies in Workforce Training, Professional Recruitment, Human Resources Management, Project Management, Supplier Diversity Management, and Government Policy & Compliance.

We take a deliberate approach to learn your company so that we can provide executable solutions and deliver excellent service. We work with you from start to finish, and that is our promise!

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