Résumé Analysis and Development

It is not the lack of your qualifications why you lose out in the competition. It actually can be an unimpressive resume that killsresume your superior job prospects. At times, people with low qualifications can get better jobs than you because they have an impressive resume. Additionally, with the automation of keyword searches in the employment process, most hiring managers and recruiters will simply review your resume for few seconds. An ineffective resume can be screened out early in the review process and can prevent your search from gaining traction. Your wording, experience, and organization of your resume needs to convey the message of what value you can bring to that organization and if you are someone who can fulfill the demands of the employer.

Our Resume Services

A professionally written resume can dramatically increase your response rate — and substantially shorten your job-search time. We know what employers want through our successful years of experience. Benson Group LLC’s highly professional resume writers will have your resume become a powerful marketing tool that skillfully conveys your experience and abilities necessary to achieving your goals.

Benson Group, LLC offers comprehensive packages for building an effective resume. In the packages, we will

  • Determine what information should be highlighted or eliminated based upon your experiences, skills, and goals.
  • Identify phrasing strategies and keywords critical to your resume.
  • Write an impactful, job-winning resume.

Resume Analysis: Benson Group, LLC will review your current draft and provide analysis.  A succinct and crisp resume is the bestresume representation of your professional accomplishment and personal prowess. We will provide assistance to highlight the exact flaws of your resume and how you should put your best face forward to give yourself a competitive edge.

Comprehensive Resume Service:  With the completed  resume analysis, it is up to you to decide to continue with our service or not. If you decide to continue with us, then we will make sure that your most impressive personality and topmost skills are highlighted through your resume. Getting a job may not be a difficult task, but landing a lucrative job and post surely is one. Benson Group LLC will assist you in achieving your dream position through an aesthetically planned step-by-step procedure. Our comprehensive service includes a face-to-face meeting, telephone or Skype conversation on the following: 

  • Developing a targeted resume
  • Researching industries and companies
  • Preparing for interviews  
  • Salary negotiation
  • Personal branding
  • Maximizing your Performance, Image, and Exposure (PIE)

The resume editing and completion are provided by Benson Group, LLC and prices vary on the type of resume and time to complete resume (estimated time of completion will be given to customer in comprehensive service contract).

Types of Resumes and Costs

If you want us to help you define and grow your organization, please contact us at 844-417-3223 or contact@bensongroupllc.com.  We provide FREE complimentary consultation to our potential clients.

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