Business & Individual Coaching

As individuals, our life experiences have shaped who we are psychologically and socially. Those experiences affect how we react as well as how we proceed with life’s challenges, setting goals, and seeing who we are from within. Like the saying, “Our attitude affects our altitude,” career coaching and developmentis totally true as to whether we live within our purpose or settle for mediocrity.

At Benson Group, LLC, we know in order for people to get to a balanced life, they need to reevaluate their direction and purpose. The great news is, each of us has a unique gift and purpose in life, and Benson Group, LLC has the tools to give you direction in your life, career, and on your résumé.

Career Coaching and Development: Whether you are seeking to become a CEO, Entrepreneur, or in transition, Benson Group, LLC will provide you with a strategy and roadmap for you to achieve your goals and objectives. We help individuals to explore who they are and their purpose. Through our assessment tools, in which we will evaluate your life passions, we will give you the most beneficial options for your life and career. 

Resume Analysis and DevelopmentRésumé Analysis and Development: Looking to brand yourself or career, Benson Group, LLC will review and develop a résumé that highlights your assets and connects you to the job that you are seeking. We review, rewrite, make suggestions, and develop a finished product that is in alignment with your career aspirations and goals. We offer the following types of résumé services.

If you want us to help you define and grow your life, please contact us at 502-561-3494 or  We provide FREE complimentary consultation to our potential clients.

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