Business Services

Benson Group, LLC offers have years of experience in advising and partnering with companies with developing internal and externalbusiness services processes. We provide direction in eliminating inefficiencies, restructuring organizations, improving worker performance, and morale. We give specialized attention to companies in developing defined goals and strategies that are both doable and cost-effective. The services we offer are:

Small Business Human Resources: Having the right process, policies, and procedures in place mean safeguarding your bottom line. If you are a small and growing business, we will work with your business in developing and implementing policies to ensure that it is legally compliant.

Project Management: Building your business means having a plan. If you are a new or existing business, we will assist you in developing an effective business and strategic plan so that you are operating with focus and effectiveness.

StaffingProfessional Recruitment: Having the right workforce to propel a business is the lifeline to an organization’s existence, innovation, and sustainability. We recognize the importance in supplying the demands of the company and having a workforce that must be talented, flexible and prepared. Our staffing service solutions will position companies to be effective and sustainable.

Workforce Training and Development: Employees are the drivers of the mission within an organization and with the changing dynamics of the workplace, employees must be equipped to succeed in their job function. A unlearned workforce could cost your company millions of dollars. Benson Group, LLC will work and assist your business by offering a variety of professional development training for new hire orientation and existing employees. We equip employees to learn, take ownership; excel increases their performance, morale, confidence, and overall organizational effectiveness.

If you want us to help you define and grow your organization, please contact us at 502-561-3494 or  We provide FREE complimentary consultation to our potential clients.

Empowered People = Stronger Organizations