About Us

About Us

When small business owners, government agencies, eCommerce business owners or any new entrepreneurs have to take tGroup Photo for About Us Sectionhat concrete step toward success, they get in touch with the Benson Group, LLC. We are their one-stop solution for Human Resources Management, Workforce Training, and Organizational Development. Business owners who approach us are aware of our excellent track record of providing result-based solutions that accelerate their growth. We are known for our time and cost-efficient solutions that are customized to suit each client’s needs. We provide unique solutions by considering multiple factors and requirements of business owners.

Our Mission:

The mission of Benson Group, LLC is to equip each business and person to be in a better place in business and life.

Our Values:

  • To act with honesty and integrity without compromise
  • To make customer satisfaction a top priority
  • To be socially responsible
  • To respect, appreciate and promote diversity

Benson Group LLC’s Goals: 

  • Equip your company with streamlined processes and strategies so that it is operationally efficient.
  • Position your company so that it is brand recognizable.
  • Develop systems to improve employee training, productivity, and loyalty.
  • Train and develop individuals to be result-and career-oriented, competitive, alert, and focused.

Benson Group, LLC, Business Components:

  • Human Resources Management: Having the right process, policies, and procedures in place mean safeguarding your bottom line. If you are a small and growing business, we will work with your business in developing and implementing policies to ensure that it is legally compliant.
  • Organizational Development and Strategy: Building your business means having a plan. If you are a new or existing business, Benson Group, LLC, will assist you in developing an effective business strategy so that you are operating with focus and effectiveness. 
  • Training and Development: A poorly trained workforce could cost your company millions of dollars. Benson Group, LLC, will work with and assist your business by offering a variety of professional development training for new-hire orientation and for existing employees.

Our Individual Component Offers the Following:

  • Career Coaching:  Whether you are seeking to become a CEO or an Entrepreneur, Benson Group, LLC, will provide you with a strategy and roadmap to achieve your goals and objectives. We will not only tell you how to achieve your goals, we will give you the tools to do so.
  • Resume Analysis and Development:  If you are looking to brand yourself or your career options, Benson Group, LLC, will review and develop a resume that highlights your assets and connects you to the job that you are seeking.


We offer both customized training and solutions through our eLearning portal. Our customized tre-learning logo2aining consists of Benson Group, LLC, developing a tailored e-learning training specific to the needs of the company. Being a champion of organizational learning, Benson Group, LLC, will supply your business with updates of learning techniques for two years after purchasing our eLearning package. Our e-Learning portal training are:

Safety in the Workplace and Loss Prevention – Protecting your business, employees, and customers

So you are growing your business, what’s next? How to build your business with the proper foundation

Creating Customer Loyalty – Strategies in Providing Excellent Customer Service and a Quality Product/Service

The Art of Negotiation: Protecting your business to operate and strive!

Business and Money Management: Operating with Purpose and Insight

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding our programs, contact us at 502-561-3494 or contact@bensongroupllc.com.